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Membership Fees


Life Chiropractic Unlimited Plans

No appointments are necessary. [See Open Adjustment Hours in the footer area.]

  • NEW Life Chiropractic Members


Unlimited Visits, as needed

MONTHLY PLAN. Paid by auto debit (on a monthly basis)

  • Single: $300 per month
  • Family*: $450 per month

There is no time commitment to (or contract for) a monthly plan. Payment is set up as a recurring fee on a month-to-month basis.

Cancellations. You may opt out at any time; however, in order to cancel membership and payment, notice must be given to Life Chiropractic (in writing) before the first of the month for that membership period. [All cancellation requests must be in writing.]

ANNUAL PLAN. Pre-pay in full annually (one payment)

  • Single: $1500 per year ($125 ave per month) | annual savings (vs. Monthly Plan): $2100
  • Family*: $2340 per year ($195 per month) | annual savings (vs. Monthly Plan): $3060

Cancellations. If, for any reason, a member chooses to opt out of care, a refund will be issued for any unused months at the Monthly Plan rate; e.g., a Single Monthly Plan fee of $300 x no. of months already used, subtracted from the Annual Plan fee of $1500. [All cancellation requests must be in writing.]

  • X-ray and initial consultation and spinal examination are available to you. [No x-rays are necessary during a consultation.] Call (563.582.0300) to schedule this first appointment.
  • Initial X-rays, if needed: $80 per series of two views.
  • No appointments needed (after the first, introductory appointment). Just come in during Open Adjustment Hours. See available hours in the footer area.
  • No insurance accepted (or needed).
  • Single adjustment fee (with no Plan): $55-70 | pay-as-you-go option.

*   Family Plan includes both spouses & dependent children only; i.e., children must be living at home and 18 years of age (or younger) or current college student to age 21.