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What is a Life Chiropractic Membership?

OUR APPROACH Life Chiropractic has a unique approach to life and health … designed to empower your wellness, increase your vitality, and enhance your longevity.


A MEMBERSHIP PRACTICE We are a membership practice, similar in some ways to a gym membership, where you can receive all of your needed adjustments under our membership. [There are only two(2) legal memberships in the state of Iowa (that we’re aware of) … and we’re one of the two.]

A Membership Practice vs. An Insurance-Based Practice 


With an insurance-based practice, offering one fee schedule when a patient has insurance … then a different fee schedule when benefits have expired is considered illegal and, in some cases, may be classified as insurance fraud.

As a membership office, Life Chiropractic’s fee structure isn’t subject to these rules because no insurance is accepted/needed.


LIFE CHIROPRACTIC’S UNLIMITED MEMBERSHIP PLANS Our unlimited plans are for members wishing to receive chiropractic care on a wellness/performance basis.

What this means and the service our membership plan includes:

Unlimited spinal checks*

Most members have their spines checked once per week. However, during periods of high stress — for example, relationship stress, work stress, athletic-exercising demands, chemical-toxicity stress, nutritional issues — you may want/require more frequent adjustments. In those situations, you’ll be able to choose that option, at no additional expense.


* within Life Chiropractic’s Hours of Practice | Open Adjustment Hours:

Monday 6:30-10a | 3-6p
Tuesday 6:30-10a | 3-6p
Wednesday 6:30-10a | 3-6p
Thursday 10a-1p
Saturday CLOSED


Membership Fee Information